SOA, Integration, and Multi-Channel Access

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Role of SOA in the integration of internal business processes can be in the company and between companies. In an internal company, the application of SOA enables the business units work in synergy from manufacturing to distribution to be more in sync. Cooperation between companies is not impossible anymore at this time.

SOA and Integration in Banking

SOA and Integration in Banking

A company that opened the online purchasing services should be able to send products to customers. Therefore, the company must cooperate with the shipping agent, who eventually will work together again with a cargo flight services. Imagine, if each company that uses applications that can not communicate with each other so that the only way that might be done manually which is definitely going to take a long time. If all applications used are implementing SOA, each of which can communicate with each other so that the obtained results / real-time response. Imagine also a travel agency that provides vacation travel services. The company must cooperate with hotels and transportation services at tourist sites. The common solution is to make system integration for existing applications. That means for every opening of new tourist sites or the addition of new hotels, the system should be setup to be able to adjust. The setup process is obviously time consuming and costly if not using SOA principles. Today, almost all the banks are allowing customers to access services from various sources. Ranging from self-service through ATMs, via the Internet or mobile phones, as well as phone banking service hotline. Overall aim to facilitate customers to get good service.

The application of SOA in the enterprise is clearly a costly investment and long-term. The company will not benefit directly. SOA benefits clearly visible when the company merged with another company and needed a new reporting system that integrates existing systems, then the benefits of SOA can be felt. Application of SOA is a beginning of a journey to get the flexibility of applications used to support business processes. SOA will sort out the expertise of IT and business people. IT Division task is designing the service, while the duty of Business Development is to combine the services to generate a new value, which eventually became a new profit company.


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