Test Web Services Using soapUI

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This tutorial will show you how to test web services using soapUI. With soapUI, you can check your web services project is running (consumable) or not. SoapUI provides a robust set of capabilities to test web services not only during development, but also to test the validity of deployments.

First of all, all you need is :

1. soapUI, get soapUI here.

2. Web services you want to test, it can be WSDL or full application of web services. Relax, you can get web services example at http://www.soatutorial.net/sources/test_web_services_using_soapui.rar. If you want to know the step-by-step of how to create web services, you can visit Web Services Tutorial.

Please follow these steps to test your web services with soapUI :

1. Install soapUI to your computer,

2. Patch the sample web services that you have downloaded to your web server root directory (e.g. public_html), make sure you can access your web services via browser, for example, accessing URL http://localhost:8083/testwebservices/server.php, see figure 1.

Browse Web Services

Figure 1: Browse Web Services

3. Open soapUI, see figure 2.

soapUI Window

Figure 2: soapUI Window

4. Open new soapUI project,

Figure 3: soapUI Open New Project

Figure 3: soapUI Open New Project

5. Fill Project Name with “Test Web Services Using soapUI” and Initial WADL/WSDL with your WSDL link (e.g. http://localhost:8083/testwebservices/server.php?wsdl), see figure 4,

Figure 4: soapUI New Project

Figure 4: soapUI New Project

6. Make a new request service by double click at “addServices“,

Figure 5: soapUI Request

Figure 5: soapUI Request

7. Fill “id” value and “name” value to <id> and <text> element,

Figure 6: soapUI New Request

Figure 6: soapUI New Request

8. Click “Start” button,

Figure 7: soapUI Start

Figure 7: soapUI Start

9. And finally you can see whether the web services is “consumable” or not,

Figure 8: soapUI Request Success

Figure 8: soapUI Request Success

10. And of course, if the testing is successful, you can invoke the service via PHP application. In the http://www.soatutorial.net/sources/test_web_services_using_soapui.rar file it’s already there (client.php), you can access at http://localhost:8083/testwebservices/client.php and the result should be like this :

Figure 9: soapUI Request Using PHP Application

Figure 9: soapUI Request Using PHP Application

For conclusion, it’s a piece of cake to test your web services project, it’s very useful if you want to make sure that the web services you have build is consumable for web services requestor / client. I hope this simple tutorial is useful for you, thanks.


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  1. amar says:

    Simply good…


  2. admin says:

    thank you Amar…

  3. Developer says:

    Good Thanku

  4. Suresh Reddy says:

    Very helpful

  5. Developer says:

    Very Nice..

  6. Johny says:

    I am new to SOAP, i don’t understand how is this WSDL file generated. Do i have to code all the xml file and put it on my webserver?

    Please help?

  7. admin says:

    Johny : You don’t have to write xml file (WSDL) from scratch, you can use many classes or frameworks out there… for example, if you want to make WSDL from PHP Environment, you can make it with NUSOAP. All of the frameworks are basically “convert” your function / procedure to WSDL. Maybe I should post an article about it.. :)

  8. Mohan says:

    @ Admin

    Thanks for ur info…. well, I’m Using ASP.Net… How can I convert ASP.NET files into WSDL file????

  9. rhea says:

    thank you.. really helpful for absolute beginners

  10. Nitin says:

    Its good

  11. jaya says:


    i have uploaded wsdl and on the Get i have


    According to u i need to enter subscriber id right. I gave that added test case and created assertion as i am testing http/soap response.

    After running the app. i am getting java socket error.

    I am not sure whether i am doing correct or not.

    Thanks in advance

  12. admin says:

    @jaya :
    Just replace the “?” value into “3″. I hope this answer help your problem.

  13. tester says:

    Hi there,

    Could someone please explain to me what is a web service?. why do I need SOAP UI to test a webservice?.


  14. admin says:

    It can be long if I explain what the web service is. You can visit this page to understand what is the web service : What is Web Services?

    Using SOAPUI to test your web services is just an option from million options on how you gonna test web services. I recommend using SOAPUI because it can reduce your development time. And the important one is, SOAPUI is FREE! :)

  15. Ram says:

    Can you please enhance this example with the soapUI’s property transfer feature by writing XPath query. This will help me as well as the people coming to this site to enhance the SOAPUI usage. Thanks in advance!!

  16. Nishant Soni says:

    I would like to know, How we can set / change values dynamically in our XML request during load test using soapUI 4.0.0.
    For example, I have WebService which create account in a system based on certain mandatory unique parameters like ‘SSN’ , GovermentID ( Passport, Driving Licence number) and Email ID.
    If I create a single request and run, it works fine but if I want to run this for multiple time to see stress test how we can change above mandatory parameters?

  17. admin says:

    @Nishant, you can set the input value dynamically with in-line-scripting. For example, fill this into your input parameter :


    The code above will generate unique time stamp on each request, you can modifying it into your need. I hope this can help.

  18. Robertico says:

    How can I test asynchronous web services with soapUI?

  19. tester says:

    I’m a new to SOAPUI tool. What kind of error do you get while testing web services.

  20. Mohsin says:


    I have created a web service to log in users by sending request through an iPhone app. The request content type is ‘multipart/form-data’ while the respnse is JSON. How can I test it ? I suppose SOAPUi only tests XML responses.

  21. Alka says:


    Packt Publishing is looking for Technical reviewers on “Web Services Testing with soapUI” If interested in reviewing it, contact alkan@packtpub.com

  22. Arul Prakasam says:

    Hi, What is SOAPUI tool. Is it for Perfomance Testing or Functionality testing. If this is Performance tool, Then how can i analysis the perfomance result.


  23. Av says:

    I have downloaded soapUi on my machine , I tried to use the http://localhost:8083/testwebservices/server.php , But it is giving me error 404 Not found. How can I proceed/ Is it necessary to keep Net connected while working with SOAPUI?/


  24. Av says:

    How Can I installl a web server on m machine? pls suggets

  25. Sudheer says:

    Thanks for quick guide :)

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  27. Niranjan says:

    I would to know the disadvantage of web services testing.

  28. Hani says:


    I cant see the result on client page. I did some changes on client page but I can not access client page from my browser. Please help.


  29. t@an*i says:

    Please help me using api and user name and password How to create the webservice using soap?

    Above type of create the webservice .

  30. t@an*i says:

    Please help me using api and user name and password How to create the webservice using soap? In PHP.Please Give me the link or file .

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